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Blue Blur Emblem 2 by CoteRangers

It's been so long since I announced anything with Blue Blur in it. So I decided to write something I promised a long time ago: the backstory of our beloved blue hero, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Anyways, the odd thing with it is that Sonic wasn't originally called Sonic, and he wasn't always way past cool. He was once a young and naive schoolkid with brown fur named Nicky Needlemouse. He was raised by his uncle--a former G.U.N. soldier named Charles Needlemouse--and was always reminded of his grandfather named Jules Needlemouse. He had two childhood friends named Manic and Sonia, who they had a sibling-like friendship. But one day, Dr. Robotnik invaded Mobius, and started to conquer Mobotropolis, Nicky's city, forcing Nicky to run away from the robots. While he was running away, he managed to break the sound barrier, turning his fur blue and improving his eyesight. He was then trained by Merlin Prower--the sidekick of Jules Needlemouse--to be able to defend himself from Robotnik. But a few years as he was trained, Merlin was killed by some of Robotnik's robots, leaving Nicky to be independent. In order to hide his identity from Robotnik, he cut his front hair, threw away his glasses, took off his sweater, changed his personality and even changed his name to Sonic the Hedgehog.

That's all I have for now. I'll tell you more from Blue Blur later.








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May 8, 2013
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